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Otac je bio njezina doula na porodu

Steph Hendel Tarnofsky i njezin suprug Josh su odlučili da njihovi roditelji - bake i djedovi sudjeluju na prirodnom porodu njihova sina

Od kada se Steph sa suprugom preselila u Kaliforniju, nije tako često mogla viđati roditelje. Stoga su ona i Josh odlučili pozvati svoje roditelje da budu prisutni na rođenju unuka Johnathona koje se odvijalo kod kuće.

Steph i njezin otac Joe su zajedno prošli kroz porod, a ona ističe kako joj je otac i najbolji prijatelj. Babica Lindsey Meehleis je trenutak zabilježila fotoaparatom.

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It’s a rare thing when my calendar has space for a late to care first time mom. And anytime that anyone is late to care, I always hesitate, for relationship is the most important of the Midwifery care we create. But when her call came through there was something special in her voice and we scheduled a consultation. I opened a new tab on my computer and jumped on Facebook to see what she looked like so I could search for her face in our lobby. The first thing I saw was a banner on her Facebook wall that was the same EXACT template of a banner I had just been working on and one I had picked out of thousands of options. I quickly texted her back and sent her what I was working on. Our jaws dropped over text and I became more excited then apprehensive to meet her. When they walked through the door and sat on my couch, telling me their story, I commended them for following their hearts and intuition to find a care provider that better aligned with them. It was an instant connection, really like seeing old friends, so it was a no brainer that I was honored to be their Midwife. She blissfully finished out her pregnancy while wading in the sacred waters off Tulum and Isla Mujures and returned home to a blessingway with both her mom and MIL arriving in town. As they waited and waited patiently for when baby would arrive, the full moon passed and her dad finally arrived in town. Now for those that know me.... I tend to urge parents to have the least amount of people around for Birth so they can birth undisturbed... so with two grandmas, one grandpa and one aunt all sat wondering in anticipation about baby’s arrival, it made me nervous. But looking at my client who was carefree and really only cared about baby’s divine timing, I was convinced this baby would wait for 8/8/18. I NEVER guess when a baby will come, let alone tell the parents, but sure enough after early labor all day on the 7th that got more active in the evening... it all made perfect sense what this baby was waiting for. I arrived and met my fellow midwife and student and entered into a space that was still. Continued in comments below....

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