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Fotografije osoba s raznim ožiljcima šalju snažnu poruku!

Svojim fotoaparatom Sophie Mayanne je pokrenula projekt vrijedam svake pažnje i pohvale. 'Behind the Scars' predstavlja seriju fotografija od kojih svaka ima svoju priču.

Sophie na ovom projektu radi posljednje dvije godine i vrlo je brzo postao primjećen na društvenim mrežama. Svaka njezina fotografija predstavlja osobu s nekom vrstom ožiljka uz opis kako su ožiljci nastali, a sve kako bi utjecala na prihvaćanje izgleda vastitog tijela kod osoba.

#behindthescars Abi “I was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer called Osteosarcoma when I was 27 years old. Doctor’s think that I had the tumour since I was 26. My right arm was aching whilst I was sleeping - everyone I would chop vegetables, and get dressed. I went to see a chiropractor - he moved my arm around and I screamed very loudly. He just said that I had damaged my muscle and said I was very dramatic. Unknown to him, what lay behind my “dramatic” scream was something quite sinister. I was living in South Africa, Cape Town and had recently received my visa to live there. I was working with ant-sex trafficking victims and supporting abused women and children. I had just started helping out at a support group, when one of the girls approached me and said “Hey, you don't know me very well, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve had 3 vivid dreams about you in a row now. In them you come to my house, and when I wake up I feel God’s presence, so I really feel that you need to come to my house.” I’m quite a spiritual person, and had dreams in my childhood that had come true, so I thought I'd go and see her. The day I went to her house she wasn’t actually in. as I was walking out of her courtyard, I had a sense that her dog was going to go for me. The dog looked chilled, so I just shut the gate and as I put my hand through the gate to lock it, I heart the dog bark, and jump up to bite m, so I gently jumped back and my arm completely snapped as I landed. My friend took me to the Doctors. I was sent for a scar and it showed that I had a very clean break. The Doctor’s face dropped when she saw my scan. she booked me in to see another Doctor the next morning. I was in so much pain I didn’t really question why I was seeing another Doctor. When I saw him the following morning he asked me a lot of the typical cancer questions - Have you lost weight, have you passed blood, and so on. He said something had been eroding my bone- my heart was pounding thinking of all the things it could possibly be. He then said those dreaded words that literally took my breath away - you most probably have cancer. Continued in comments

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Na njezinim fotografijama možete pronaći osobe koje su preboljele različite bolesti ili one koje su preživjele prometne nesreće. Svaka fotografija je jedinstvena priča koja šalje poruku - oporavak je moguć.

#behindthescars Yasmin “My tumour changed my life in so many ways. A life changing operation to remove the tumour, the size of a grapefruit gave me self acceptance on a level that was truly unconditional. In 2012 I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Cancer wasn’t an issue, what was was the discovery of a huge tumour. It was benign, but sizeable. Attached to my liver, a bunch of nerves and my main artery to my leg. Five hours of surgery, a deflated hung, my diaphragm put on halt, a bypass with my insides out on a table. My fear going into surgery was the long term affects and how my body would recover. Will my boyfriend still love me, will he still find me attractive, will any man find me acceptable to look at? The truth was, it taught me to love myself hard, without compromise. Inside and out, there was a journey of total acceptance. My amazing body had not failed me yet, so who was I to not love it back for keeping me alive? The message is simple - we are provided with a beautiful vessel to carry our soul. It works so hard to support us daily - the love I have for my body is insurmountable. It allows me to be my glorious self - I am a very lucky girl.” @missyasminibrahim

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#behindthescars Becky “My scars decorate my entire body - I used to be so ashamed of them, mainly because of the reactions I received. People would stare at them whenever they were on show and in turn I became uncomfortable with having them out. I started avoiding clothes that weren’t jeans - if I braved a skirt, I would cover my scars in makeup. I have surgical scars and self harm scars. As a teenager I suffered from an eating disorder and depression, and as a result at age 16 I jumped off a building in an attempt to end my life. The 20+ surgeries have left me with scars head to toe (literally). The ones on my legs and feet bothered me the most, along with the others on my rights that made me dread wearing a bikini. This was how my scars used to make me feel, but having embraced them as part of me I no longer feel ashamed. I wanted to take part in this project so that people can become more accustomed to seeing scars and avoid said reactions. Additionally I want to help and encourage people to embrace their scars. As a student nurse - helping people accept their bodies is part of the job, but how can I do that if I don’t do it with my own?” @becksgendall

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